Over 4,500 learners signed up to sail!

With just over two months to go an amazing 46 school are set to take on the challenge!

Young people in school today will bear the brunt of the future environmental impact of inadequately managed plastic. This Challenge will develop awareness of the environmental impact of plastic through a Guinness World Record attempt using plastic bottles to make model boats.

Model Boat making is an activity already used by schools in Key Stage One to teach “floating and sinking”. We want to encourage schools to look beyond the core curriculum at the environmental impact of plastic, using plastic bottle boats as a platform to develop plastic educational projects across all years of a school.

Calling all teachers…

Sign up and host a world record at your school for the Plastic Bottle Boat Challenge (PBBC). Join us on June 27th 2018 as we simultaneously unite schools all over the world in an attempt to set a new Guinness World Record