QMSC Virtual Regatta – Watch the final tonight

Hello Everyone 

I trust that you, your families and friends are safe and well at this time.  

There is no doubt that for the 70 sailors that have joined QMSC Virtual Regatta, myself included, that it has already been an astonishing success. With the mighty Laser heat 4 run last night with past Olympians, National and World champions in the mix, the skills & competition are clearly sky high.   

Thank you all for taking part! 

The racing has indeed been fast & furious, which has caught many unwary VR sailors off guard, when suddenly the race is on! Success depends on many things: Extensive Sailing experience of coursealso considerable RYA Virtual Regatta app experience. Finally, healthy computing technology, wifi & set-up, which are sorely tested. So much so, that some competitors need mild counseling, when things go wrong, or they find themselves lost off the coast of Cherbourg, Hobart, or beached on Alcatraz SFO. 

To the final – Exciting news for those in 5th Place, with a couple sadly dropping out with other virtual life commitments, you’re in! Racing starts at 20:30 tonight – Here are the finalists:  

Andrew Craig, Andrew Peters, Andy Caird, Anthony Newland, Chris Ellyatt, Chris Hopkins, Dick Sodeburg, Freddie Cardew-Smith, Howard Farbrother, Leila Moore, Mark Greenstreet, Massimo Sirolla, Mike Brooman, Nicholas Dove, Paul Adams, Robert Tate, Ross Malloy, Rupert Bedel, Tony Bishop and Vicki Thurston. Notice a couple of staff past masters have crept in too, spicing up the action even further. 

If you’re not in the final and but would like to watch then can!

In Virtual Regatta go to the ‘Custom Racing’ section, then click on the third tab (which looks like a video camera) where you will find the list of racecurrently in action, listed from 8:30 should be the ‘QM Final’click on this and then the play button. If there is no ‘play’ button then the countdown will not have started, you will see the status of the race in the list with an hourglass indicating it has not started. It’s compulsive viewing & great fun. 

Finally, I would like you to know that we are working hard behind the scenes to steer the ship during these trouble timeswith a plan for phased reintroduction of real sailing here at Queen Mary SC. Whilst ready for publication, we await government guidance on dates for each phase to restart, when it is safe and appropriate to do so, stay tuned.  

What more can I say, every success if you are in the VR final tonight. Thank you again to everyone taking part, who will be crowned QMSC Virtual Regatta Spring Club Champion? 


Kind regards Richard – Commodore 

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