Queen Mary Reservoir Talk

Wednesday, 4 March 2020 from 19:00-20:30

Queen Mary Sailing Club: The Clubhouse, Ashford Rd, TW15 1UA

We are delighted to announce Bryn Philpott, C.Eng, MICE, MCIWEM Senior Reservoir Engineer at Thames Water, will be at the Sailing Club to give an talk on the reservoir.

The talk will give a brief introduction on the historical perspective on the need for storage for a growing population of London at the turn of the century (Royal commissions and Acts of parliament). A look at the site before the reservoir was built and why the site as chosen. A look at the different design options that occurred between the initial one in 1911 and the final by 1919. Construction of the reservoir with a selection of historic photos to accompany it and its impact on the area.

Opening ceremony in 1925, General events/incidents that occurred over the intervening years up to now (including impacts of the world wars, gravel extraction). Talk about how we operate the reservoir today and ensure its safety.

And of courses answer any question you may have.

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