The GJW Direct 45th Bloody Mary is this weekend!

Happy New Year! 

Note to members (if you did not know) the GJW Direct 45th Bloody Mary is this Saturday. But before we get into that… the water level is back up to 100%, lovely stuff! 

We hope you had a great Christmas and are in good health as we start the new year. We kick off 2019 with the Bloody Mary and with just a few days to go the excitement is building as our plans come together for Saturday. Please note the whole reservoir is used for this event and our focus is 100% on the Bloody Mary, so for this reason the water is closed to general sailing and any other activities on Saturday 12th January. 

Our Bloody Mary is the 5th leg of the Selden SailJuice Winter Series and if you are looking for an excuse to get on the water it’s a perfect way to start your sailing in 2019.

But what is the Bloody Mary?

The Bloody Mary is open to all dinghy classes with a PY number equal to or lower than the International Topper and to selected keelboat classes. The first start is scheduled for 12 noon with the slowest boats starting first and the faster boats starting progressively later. The race lasts 150 minutes.

Online entry will close at midnight Wednesday 9th January (tonight). Entries will be accepted on the day until the entry limit is reached. The Entry desk will open at 8:00am on Saturday 12th and closes at 12:00pm; please arrive early and head to the clubhouse to complete the forms.

We have 180 have signed up so far and with entry still open we’re on track for another epic day!

Thank you to our Volunteers 
Over 100 people make the event happen on the day and it would not be possible with out our volunteer team and the team leaders. We have a full team but it’s not to late to help: if you want to get involved please contact Janet in the office.

To all our helpers please diary the evening of Wednesday 23rd January for the Volunteers Supper and Quiz Night.

Forward into 2019
Thank you to all those who completed the members feedback survey. 109 of you did in total, which is the most we have seen in recent years. Lots of great ideas for continued improvement; with a fair wind we hope to share plans for developing the club in 2019.

We are a bit distracted and very excited with the Bloody Mary, normal service will resume with club racing on Sunday… but we do hope to see you on Saturday if you can make it.

Wishing you a very happy new year, thanks for reading and see you on the water soon.

Best wishes,
Queen Mary Sailing Club.

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